Tyre Ring Cutter

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Tyre Side Cutter

It's the main machine of treat the waste bias tire, all steel radial tire and passenger car tire. It can cut down the tire bead.

It is the first and necessary machine to process rubber powder and reclaimed rubber, and is the fist process of recycling waste tires.

This machine is constitute of framework, driving V-belt, helix gear with change speed and direction parts, motor, the arm of force, beam, manually cutting feed device and tire support device etc.

It can cutting out the steel wire from the tire bead. The main purpose is to protect the blades of the next shredder and crusher.

It can handle the tires with maximum diameter of 1400mm.

Tyre side wall cutter / Tire bead cutting machine/ tire ring cutter /Waste Tire Bead Separator / Side wall Cutter / Hydraulic Tire Cutter / tyre debeader


1.Energy efficient, good quality, long service life, low noise and dust.  

2.2. Safe and easy operation.

3.3. Automatic and manual work style.

4. The materials of blade is excellent hard alloy.

5. Good service.

Except the tire bead ring cutter, we also can supply  strip cutter, lump cutter, cracker mill, dynamic devulcanizer, rubber refiner... etc.    

We can provide the whole set production lines equipment for reclaimed rubber production.




1. The voltage about the power supply can be selected by the customer’s specific requirements.

2. The cutter capacity can be influenced by the material composition and output size.

The above specifications are only for reference and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when making order.

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