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Dust Collector Introduction:

A bag filter is a box in which a short electric field is installed at the front end and a filter bag field is installed at the back end. The dust is introduced from the left end and first passes through the electric field area. The dust particles are charged by the electric field area and 80%~90% of the dust is collected.

(Play to the advantages of electric dust removal, reduce bag load).

Part of the flue gas passing through the electric field enters the bag area and enters the inner cavity of the filter bag through the outer surface of the filter bag. The dust is blocked in the outer surface of the filter bag, and the pure gas is discharged from the inner cavity exhaust flue.

Material of filter bag:

Natural fiber, chemical synthetic fiber, glass fiber, metal fiber.


The gas goes from the outside of the filter bag to the inside, and the dust is on the outside of the filter bag

Gas from the filter bag to the outside, dust in the inner surface of the filter bag

Service temperature:

For the bag filter, its use temperature depends on two factors, the first is the filter material's maximum bearing temperature, the second is the gas temperature must be above the dew point temperature.

Due to the large selection of glass fiber filter material, its maximum temperature can reach 280℃. Cooling measures must be taken for the gas above this temperature, and heating measures must be taken for the gas below the dew point temperature.

Influence of inlet concentration:

(1) pressure loss and dust cleaning cycle.

With the increase of inlet concentration, the ash accumulation speed on the same filtration area is faster, and the pressure loss is increased accordingly. As a result, The Times of ash cleaning have to be increased.

(2)The filter bag and box wear.

In the case of strong abrasive dust, the amount of wear can be considered to be proportional to the dust concentration.

(3) Whether it is necessary to pre-collect dust.

Pre-dust collection is to add a level of dust removal equipment before the entrance of the dust collector, also known as the front dust removal.

(4) The ash discharging capacity of the ash discharging device.

The ash discharging capacity of the ash discharging device shall be based on the ability to discharge all collected dust. The amount of dust is equal to the dust concentration at the entrance multiplied by the treated air volume.

(5) operation mode.

The bag filter can be divided into positive pressure and negative pressure operation mode. In order to reduce the fan wear, the positive pressure operation mode should not be adopted if the inlet concentration is high.



1. The voltage about the Product specification can be selected by the customer’s specific requirements.

2. The capacity can be influenced by the material composition .

The above specifications are only for reference and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when making order.


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