Animal Feed Pellet Machine

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Animal feed pellet machine


Animal feed pellet making machine from UTMACH is one pellet machine that used for animal feed pellet mill line. Its for rabbits,fish, ducks, chickens, shrimps, pigs, deer, cattle, sheep and industry, such as organic fertilizer granules, sawdust particles,etc.
Corn can be directly added without crushing. The processed pellet feed has a smooth surface and moderate hardness. During the processing, the temperature rises and the nutrients in the raw material can be well maintained.

Particles are uniform in composition, neat in shape, and their pore sizes can be divided into 3-8 mm, which can be selected according to the different growth stages of cultured animals.;
By extrusion can inactivate the general pathogenic microorganisms, parasites, low water content, convenient storage.



1. The voltage about the power supply can be selected by the customer’s specific requirements.

2. The pellet capacity can be influenced by the material composition and output size.

The above specifications are only for reference and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when making order.

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