Single-drum Grinder

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Single drum grinder, suitable to flow rate as 400-1000m3/hour.

Single Drum Grinder Introduction:

The new, advanced design grinders systems surpass all existing technologies in terms of performance, durability, maintenance costs and ease of installation. Our system, combines a rotating drum screen and a grinder accommodates high flows rates (up to over 1000m3) while grinding difficult solids to manageable particle sizes. New center less stainless steel coils improve capture efficiency, increase flow, prevent material wrapping and provide greater strength. The systems rugged design achieves a higher capture rate of solids prior to grinding, leading to better protection of downstream equipment and minimizing long.
Single Drum Grinder Advantages:
A. Dual Shafted Grinder
-Capable of handling a wider variety of solids than single shafted machines
- Counter rotating shafts direct solids toward center of grinder
B. Centerless Shaft Drum
- Stainless steel, with variable size openings, including 6mm
C. Cutter Options
- Custom engineered with various tooth configurations to meet specific application needs
D. Close Interface Between Screen and Grinder
-Leads to a high capture rate of solids prior to grinding
E. Bushing Deflector
-Diverts solids and rags into cutters while protecting seal assemblies from rocks and grit
F. Low Profile Bottom End Housing
- Improves grinding capabilities at low flow by utilizing more of the cutting chamber
G. Top Stack Tightening
- Ensures no-hassle, in-channel maintenance
H. Ease and Flexibility of Installation
- Adapts to most existing channel applications with little or no civil work required
I. Mechanical Seals
- Pressure capability to 6 bar. No seal flush required and no packing gland to adjust

Single Drum Grinder Specifications:


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